Spectacular fireworks in Marsaxlokk woo the crowds

Thousands turn up to watch pyro-musical competition during the first night of the Malta International Fireworks Festival in Marsaxlokk

The first night of the Malta International Fireworks Festival was an outright success with thousands of people turning out to watch a spectacular pyro-musical competition in the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

The evening featured displays by St Andrew’s Band Fireworks Factory from Luqa, as well as the first ever Asian display at the Malta International Fireworks Festival by Thailand Fireworks.

Yesterday’s festival also features displays by Ghaxaq’s St Mary Fireworks Factory, Qrendi’s Lourdes Fireworks Factory, and Italy’s A.P.E. di Parente Romualdo. The crowd was also treated to a live concert by Maestro Paul Abela & Band.

The festival will continue  on Thursday at the Grand Harbour in Valletta before the competition closes on Saturday with a Pyromusical show and a Ground Fireworks Display. Last year’s winners, Pyrotex from England, have also been ivnited to provide a closing spectacle in Buggiba.

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