Bocelli, Calleja take anniversary concert to new highs

The public was treated to quite the show on the 20th anniversary of Joseph Calleja’s public debut in the world of opera

Joseph Calleja at the Floriana Granaries
Joseph Calleja at the Floriana Granaries
Andrea Bocelli last night at the Floriana Granaries

It was perhaps fitting that the 20th anniversary Joseph Calleja concert turned out to be aspecial eclectic evening.  Held under the stars on a warm August night and with the background of fireworks from an unruly Maltese festa.

But nothing could beat this special evening.

It was yet another traditional event, sometime one would admit was turning repetitive: Malta’s tenor and now a Cavaliere Joseph Calleja emulates the Pavarotti creation: of combining opera singing with contemporary productions. 

Yet, this evening under the stars was different.  It roped in one great and unique voice, with the presence of other stars.

Listening to Andrea Bocelli live is an experience that cannot be matched by a televisionscreening or accidentally snooping on his voice. 

Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli

His stardom is in perfect synch with his matchless talent as his warm voice reached new crescendos and resonated endlessly in the Fosos square in Floriana.  It was difficult to believe that the other week he had been fighting a bronchitis  and had to cancel concerts.

Callea’s contribution was ever more incisive - there is something remarkably complete in his execution.  It is as if a fine wine had come of age - the confidence that he exudes is one of a mega marvel.

The stunning Gillian Zammit was also exceptional as she delivered her solo interpretations and also with Bocelli with Maltese young voices echoing from the stage.

Sir Bryn Terfel, the bass baritone was also an important factor to the night’s success, adding some colour to the musical interpretations with his humour and personality.

The other singers were perhaps less of an influence for the enthusiastic public.  Though Destiny, the young Maltese Junior Eurovision winner still struck a chord with the Maltese audience. And not to be forgotten, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, which presented a flawless musical performance.