[WATCH] Busuttil gives in to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Simon Buusttil accepts the challenge at the second time of asking; makes up for it with three buckets!

And he's finally done it!
And he's finally done it!

Opposition leader, Simon Busuttil, has finally relented his stance and has taken part in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

The aim of the ALS ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and for participants to donate money to find a cure for the disease.

Earlier this week, Busuttil was nominated by Marvin gauci and Matthew Calleja to undergo the challenge - which involves getting drenched with a bucket full of iced-cold water - but he opted to give a donation of 100 euros to Puttinu Cares instead.

As he explains in the video, Busuttil said that the rules required one to undergo the challenge or give a donation - to which he chose the latter.

However, yesterday Busuttil was re-nominated by Times of Malta journalist Ariadne Massa.

Clearly, the pressure proved to be too much. Moreover - and perhaps as a means of makinf up for the initial hesitation - Busuttil allowed himself to get drenched with three bucketfuls.

He added that he would still be giving a donation to the Hospice Malta Movement and urged others to do similarly.