Malta-filmed Biblical epic Clavius to leave €6 million investment

Clavius is one of four prominent film productions currently being shot in Malta

Minister Manuel Mallia on the set of Clavius at Manoel Island
Minister Manuel Mallia on the set of Clavius at Manoel Island

Currently being filmed in Malta, Clavius is set to rake in €6 million for the country, Minister Manuel Mallia – whose ministry is also responsible for the local film industry – said during a visit to the Manoel Island film set today.

Mallia also met the film’s director, Kevin Reynolds – who was in Malta in 2002 to direct The Count of Monte Cristo – as well as the film’s stars Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter).

Mallia said that this is a “record time” for the Maltese film industry, given that a total of four prominent productions are currently being filmed on the island, including Clavius, Andron, By the Sea and DoveKeepers.

Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech said that the industry has registered a substantial increase in investment this year, and that efforts are being made to ensure there is continuity from this year to the next, in the hopes that Malta will continue to serve high-profile foreign productions consecutively.

“The Commission has also organised training sessions to ensure that we have enough human resources to face up to the challenges ahead,” Grech added.

Clavius is set for a summer 2015 release.

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