[WATCH] Film Commission shows off Malta's film servicing legacy

Commission commemorates “the 89 year legacy of the Maltese film industry”.

Filmed in Malta: Captain Phillips
Filmed in Malta: Captain Phillips
Commission commemorates the 89-year-legacy of Malta's film industry

The website – http://www.maltafilmcommission.com – has been designed with the aim of increasing awareness of Malta as a competitive destination for global film production, as well as boosting the outlook of filmmaking talent within Malta itself.

The new website offers an attractive hub of information for film industry representatives looking at Malta as a film location and also showcases the services of the local film industry through a brand new directory containing local Maltese crew, service providers and talent.

The new website also offers a more in depth look at what the Malta Film Commission does as a commissioning body; its cash rebates; the diverse locations Malta has to offer; filming facilities, such as the outstanding water-based filming facilities on the island; training opportunities; The Malta Film Fund, and a behind the scenes look at the many productions to have been shot in Malta.

Also included on the new website is a brand new showreel produced by the Malta Film Commission showcasing the long legacy of the film servicing industry.

In recent years Malta has seen a surge of productions filming on the island from feature films to TV series and documentaries. Next year the Malta film industry will celebrate 90 years of filming in Malta.

Servicing of the industry has become very strong in Malta and the Maltese are proud of their film history. Malta, strategically positioned in the Mediterranean, has welcomed a number of big budget studio productions as well as independent productions from virtually all over the globe.

Game of Thrones, Munich, Agora, Kon-Tiki, Captain Phillips, Gladiator, Troy and World War Z are some of the productions which were shot in Malta, to mention just a few.

Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech stated, “The new website is an excellent tool to promote the vast opportunities and locations of filming in Malta. This is a step in the right direction to continue building our industry.”

 “The site will serve to improve our communications with the public and the industry at large and bring notice the wealth of opportunities that Malta offers as a filming destination.”

“Our vision is clear. We want Malta to become a strong Mediterranean country for filming. Malta offers a winning formula and we intend to drive this forward,” he added.

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