[WATCH] Tinymono online music festival is Friday’s big night in

Tinymono Online Festival will stream Maltese bands on Facebook at 7:45pm Friday, 15 May

The Tinymono Online Festival will stream Maltese bands in one of the first ever non-profit ventures by a pool of musicians.

With tough times due to the coronavirus and the number of gigs that have subsided, the festival will give artists a virtual stage for them to perform original music, and announce any upcoming online performances and releases.

The artists have dedicated their time to perform and in the production are given 15 minutes of air-time each.

Performers include Ducktails (US), Neon Islands (UK), Relikc, Plakard, The Busker, Vinyl Paradise, Lucy’s Last, Swing Nuages, Nicky James, Genn, Sam Christie, Auntie’s Yellow Sofa, Bark Bark Disco, Fattima Mahdi, Pebble Beach, Akuma The Poet, Moosick, Lighthouse, and Funky Monkey.

The festival is to be livestreamed on Facebook and the Tinymono platform at 7:45pm on Friday, 15th May.