Thea Saliba collaborates with US producers on new single

Local Rnb artist Thea Saliba launched her new song, Hostage for Love, during her performance on the Main Stage at the Farsons Great Beer Festival on Saturday, July 30.

This young and versatile artist released her second song by US song writer Matthew Loverso. The single is produced by music producer J-Stylz, who also joined m.Loverso for this songwriting while the mixing of the song is by David ‘D.A.’ Anthony. ‘D.A’ has been called for into a diverse range of projects, from gospel mega star Yolanda Adams to pop/RnB icon Janet Jackson.

M.Loverso – who penned the lyrics of a ballad song ‘It’s His Eyes I See’, released by Thea in January 2009 – kept track of Thea’s music career, which inspired him to write this new song purposely for Thea. This song writer has worked with various icons, such as: Teddy Riley, Scott Storch, Mr Wood$ and J-Stylz.

Music producer J-Stylz became a part of the infamous Blackstreet and toured the United States and overseas, such as Japan, London, Australia performing alongside of Marc Middleton, Eric Williams and Teddy Riley for the first year. While touring, J-Stylz learned from his mentor Teddy Riley and created his own production company ‘PowerPlug(mg) –Music Group’, which he employs to assist up-and-coming artists to develop their sound to prepare them for a career in the music industry.

Surprisingly for Thea, these renowned players were working on another production while the local singer was ‘hibernating’ from her music career due to her University studies only contacting her with this news immediately at the end of her studies.

In the past couple of years Thea released ‘Musilicious’, the music video produced by Italian music producer G. Maddaloni in Palermo followed by ‘Set You Free’ (Bahamut) – signed by the Italian label The Clubbers and presented on the international market by Luigi Lusini – featuring Thea and reworked by music producer and remixer K1nk.

A few months later, Thea visited Germany to record other songs including ‘I’m Your Fan’ by music producer M.Selier, launched at the Malta Fashion Awards 2010 and ‘Caught You Out’ by British music producer L.Hobbs launched at The Malta Music Awards 2010.
All songs made it to the local charts and attracted foreign music events organisers who invited Thea to Germany and the Netherlands to perform and promote her music.

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