Joy Gospel Singers to celebrate lent with free concert in Birgu

Joy Gospel Singers to perform at St Lawrence parish church in Birgu on Saturday, 16 March

Joy Gospel Singers
Joy Gospel Singers

The Joy Gospel Singers will be giving a concert of sacred music on Saturday, 16 March, at St Lawrence Collegiate Parish Church, Birgu.

The concert will focus on the theme Celebrating Lent and entrance is free.

The 50-member strong mixed choir, with ages ranging from 14 to 85, will be under the musical direction of Michelle Marie Abela, who with her husband Carmel Abela, is the founder of the choir. Carmel is the technical director.

Joy Gospel Singers are well-established in the Maltese cultural scene. Founded in 2002 in the parish of Santa Lucija, over the years the choir has participated in numerous concerts and cultural events.

Through the musical arrangements of the director, the choir has developed a vibrant and uplifting style, with rehearsed choreography and clear vocal expression that is very appealing to the audience. Live music is produced by a small band of musicians that adds to the fresh and lively performances of the choir.

The programme will start with some traditional spiritual songs, including a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace which should put the audience in the mood of reflection. This will be followed by Via Dolorosa from The Passion of the Christ, and Hanging On A Tree, depicting Christ and the suffering of his Mother Mary.

The songs Because He Lives and Presence Of The Lord are vivid expressions of our vibrant faith in the power of the Lord, while the songs He’ll Put You Together Again and Standing In The Need Of Prayer will rekindle the hope that comes from a true benevolent God.

The programme will close with a series of songs of praise including Shackles and I Love To Praise Him.