Gigi D’Agostino fans buy tickets for event in Gozo, DJ booked in Italy

Event organisers Dynamic Music Factory cancel Gozo Music Festival at La Grotta, because Gigi D’Agostino is booked to play in Italy.

Gigi D'Agostino, a popular Italian DJ, was expected to play at La Grotta, Gozo, but was booked for another performance in Italy on the same day
Gigi D'Agostino, a popular Italian DJ, was expected to play at La Grotta, Gozo, but was booked for another performance in Italy on the same day

Unless Gigi D’Agostino has a clone, it was unlikely that the popular DJ was to be playing at the Gozo Music Festival's special ninth edition planned for tomorrow evening.

The festival which promised to host Gigi D’Agostino at La Grotta in Gozo, largely promoted on Facebook, was not even mentioned on the DJ’s official website.

D’Agostino is actually booked to perform at King’s Garden Club in Italy, which left many Maltese fans in the dark about whether he would be playing after already having purchased their €20 tickets for the event.

The event, as promoted on Facebook, also planned to see guest singers Jessica Micallef and Kurt Calleja, Red Electrick, and 89.7 Bay radio anchor DJ Simon Pisani as part of the line-up.

The Facebook link for the event was removed shortly after MaltaToday checked into claims that Gigi D’Agostino was not performing at the event.

However, Peter Borg from Red Electrick said that he already knew that the entire festival had been cancelled. “The promoters contacted us at 10am this morning to say that the event has been cancelled,” Borg said.

Speaking to the promoters later this afternoon - after trying to contact them since this morning - Dynamic Music Industry said the event had to be cancelled because D’Agostino was already booked to play elsewhere.

“We informed everyone that the event was cancelled this morning because there was a clash with dates. Everyone will be getting a refund for the money spent on tickets.”  

Dynamic Music Factory has been promoting the event since late July as the Gozo Music Festival – Special 9th Edition to take place on Friday 10 August at La Grotta in Xlendi.

“The festival in Gozo promises to be the biggest and most memorable one to date, Angie Laus will be hosting the night’s entertainment which will include singers and Maltese DJs, with bands such as Red Electric... Special guests will spice up the night with their outstanding performances, including Italian superstar DJ Gigi D’Agostino.”

On the event, the Dynamic Music Factory team added that “Fire jugglers, dancers and fireworks will add this amazing night. To make this night one to remember well known personality Angie Laus will host this event”.

Angie Laus, a popular TV presenter and producer with Where’s Everybody, was supposed to be hosting the event but MaltaToday discovered that she had to cancel since she was abroad in Turkey for personal matters and would not be returning until Monday 13 August. “I will be hosting the Malta Edition.”  

Guest singer Jessica Micallef confirmed she was playing for the event early this afternoon, but was unsure whether D’Agostino was confirmed to play or not, saying, “He was supposed to play”.

Kurt Calleja, another guest singer invited to play and also unaware of the cancelled event, said he had only just discovered that D’Agostino was expected to play yesterday.

“I was just called to do the job. I don’t know if he will be playing or not. I was simply called by my agent. I sent my material and booked the job. I have no clue and wouldn’t know about it. It’s a surprise to me because I didn’t know about Gigi D’Agostino playing at the same event until yesterday,” Calleja told MaltaToday. 

The promoters later said that all artists had been informed about the cancelled event.

I think you better check NAZARETH TOUR DATES ....i think they can be double booked to ....all i wish to say is this its not nice to fool people and lie and fake events..Malta music agency can yes say that DMF has faked this event from the begging and it was Malta music agency that posted on face book the tour dates and all info .Its not nice that la Grotta leisure took this bad exposure because Mr Said the owner is a very professional person and i have been doing events in his club for many years and he never faked an event and always kept his promises. people out there chech NAZARETH WEBSITE before you get your new tickets for new events . Kind regards Mr Mario Cardona Director MMA
Ticcajta jekk humiex Dynamic......l-organizers.
All the promotion for nothing. I hope the organisers fund the money back to the people that had already bought the tickets. They really showed that they are amateurs in this kind of business.