Maltasong winners will be allowed to sing different song in Eurovision

Maltese winner participating in Eurovision can choose to sing entirely different song in final under new controversial rule

Austria's Conchita won 2014's Eurovision song contest.
Austria's Conchita won 2014's Eurovision song contest.

The selection process for the song that will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest has been changed significantly.

While it has previously been held in January or February, it has now been pushed forward to November. This means that it will be held a week after the Junior Eurovision competition, at the Malta Shipbuilding in Marsa.

PBS CEO Anton Attard said that a main reason behind this decision was so that the competition can “make use of the same stage that the Junior Eurovision will take place on, which will be larger than what we’re used to.” Another reason is that it will allow more time for the production and marketing of the winning song and music video.

However, a new rule change that is sure to prove controversial is that the singer, writer and composer of the winning song can now opt to present an entirely different song at the actual competition in May.

“The rules have always included a premise that the winning song can be altered. This occurs through consultation between the singer, writer and composer to establish what level of change is necessary to improve the song,” said Attard. “It could be the case that no change is required.”

Marc Calleja Bayliss from thinks that this change is a good idea. However, it could also be problematic because “the public generally knows how to choose a package and they could now be represented by a package not chosen by them.”

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