Ira Losco wins the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - [LIVE]

The final 14 battle it out for a chance to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Follow our live blog here.

Ira Losco performs her winning song 'Chameleon' • Photo by TVM
Ira Losco performs her winning song 'Chameleon' • Photo by TVM
Malta Eurovision Song Contest host Ben Camille with tonight's hopefuls
Malta Eurovision Song Contest host Ben Camille with tonight's hopefuls
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016
23:37 Congratulations to all participants for giving their all, and once again congrats Ira! Do us proud! I'll be back in May, until then: You've been great, I've been Chucky. Goodnight Chucky Bartolo
23:36 In an unsurprising, but not undeserving victory, Ira Losco wins the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Chucky Bartolo
23:35 Judge 5: 8- Christabelle 10- Brooke 12- Ira Chucky Bartolo
23:33 Judge 4: 8- Franklin 10- Maxine 12- Ira Chucky Bartolo
23:32 Judge 3: 8- Jasmine 10- Franklin 12- Ira Chucky Bartolo
23:30 Judge 2: 8- Franklin 10- Ira 12- Brooke Chucky Bartolo
23:28 Judge 1: 8- Christabelle 10- Ira 12- Brooke Chucky Bartolo
23:27 Televoting Audience: 8 points - Christabelle 10 points - Brooke 12 points - Ira (surprise) Chucky Bartolo
23:18 I think we all just witnessed an assassination - via black screen and loud scuffling Chucky Bartolo
22:56 Televoting is not CLOSED! Chucky Bartolo
22:51 As TVM runs a badly chosen clip of each song, I wonder which of tonight’s songs will make a cheeky cameo Marie Louise’s spotify playlist Chucky Bartolo
22:41 To vote call (no sms y'all) on 523021XX (those are not kisses, that's where you enter the number of the song you want to see represent us in Stockholm) Chucky Bartolo
22:39 3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR; err voting is open Chucky Bartolo
22:35 And last, but certainly not least, we have Kim with her lullaby “Lighthouse” - just to ensure my dad, who’s already nodding off in front of the TV, is well and truly knocked out. Chucky Bartolo
22:30 Next up is Eurovision Veteran, Maltese pop star and the only herpetology expert in the competition (why yes, I did just google “study of lizards”), it’s Ira Losco with “Chameleon” Chucky Bartolo
22:19 So impressed Meghan Trainor took time off eating a cookie for equality to come perform at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest… oh it’s just Maxine Pace with Young Love. My bad. Chucky Bartolo
22:16 The experience of watching Lawrence Gray singing this particular song can only be replicated by slipping some acid into your drink before watching an old Disney movie; the ones where super old operatic voices come out of 19 year old princess’ mouth. Chucky Bartolo
22:15 Yesterday I was shocked to be typing his name in 2016, today I’m in shock that I have to type it in the context of the Grand-final. It’s time for Lawrence Gray and “You’re Beautiful”. Malta, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Chucky Bartolo
22:11 ...err meant to say Jasmine with her song: “Alive”; my bad. Chucky Bartolo
22:11 One of the few people who can pull off TVM’s terrible choice in camera angles for their introduction postcards, here’s Jasmine with “finally good vocal control, AND the best midriff in the show”. Chucky Bartolo
22:10 Texts from friends: “The adverts run for so long so all the girls can share their dresses with each other” Chucky Bartolo
22:03 Dear Dr. Bezzina: How much is too much with regards to blood coming from my ears? Chucky Bartolo
22:02 Chucky Bartolo
21:57 Dominic provides the audience with a well deserved "Mass Meeting" break Chucky Bartolo
21:52 As the beat finally kicks in, Corazon looks just as confused by that shift in music as we are. Chucky Bartolo
21:51 Corazon’s ‘glass’ may be ‘falling fast’, but this introduction is barely moving anywhere. Chucky Bartolo
21:42 Just what every Eurovision entry needs: a quick Asian dance break, and wham! She’s back to her singing while getting in a good power walk. Remember y’all cardio is important! Chucky Bartolo
21:40 Christabelle is up next, with the fiercest ponytail in the business. Chucky Bartolo
21:37 Chucky Bartolo
21:37 Here’s another of Raquel’s vine’s seeing as y’all loved yesterday’s Chucky Bartolo
21:35 It’s now time for another dose of word-distortion in the name of sounding indie, here’s Flashing Lights by Raquel. Chucky Bartolo
21:34 “She looks good” really shouldn’t be something noteworthy, but in this year’s show it truly is; so good on her for looking great. (Translation of the above via text message from a friend: “Fiha daqqa”) Chucky Bartolo
21:33 Golden by Brooke follows Testa’s efforts, and I’ve gotta hand it to her, it’s a very solid entry. A bit uninspired but that seems to be this year’s unofficial theme anyway. Chucky Bartolo
21:33 Thankfully Ben has somehow recovered from the “incredible excitement/enthusiasm” he felt radiating off the participants yesterday, and has returned to the stage to look good in that suit, and stutter. Chucky Bartolo
21:20 What’s TVM’s policy on politely asking Daniel Testa to give this song to someone who can actually keep up with it? Would that be impolite? I promise I’ll say please. Chucky Bartolo
21:17 That being said, if we milked the shock factor in a “The Voice” style reveal halfway through this song, we’d be rolling in the votes. Chucky Bartolo
21:16 I don’t know if it’s his vocal style, or the songs he chooses, but something about all this just doesn’t make sense for Eurovision (in 2016 anyway). Chucky Bartolo
21:15 Up next is a song so sweet my nanna’s given up making figolli. Here’s Franklin with “Little Love” Chucky Bartolo
21:12 I’m super glad to see Debs in the final, something about her aura just makes her feel protective over her; like the friend who, after a night out I’m gonna be holding her hair as she hugs the toilet, crying about some guy called Richard who didn’t text her back. Chucky Bartolo
21:11 First to take to the stage is Deborah C. Chucky Bartolo
21:08 The slip ups begin, as Ben thanks everyone for "washing [him] live" - Where do I sign up? Chucky Bartolo
21:06 Tonight’s presenter is local model turned actor Ben Camille, who breaks all stereotypes of a Eurovision host by not even attempting a lame joke. Who needs to make an effort when you have that jawline? Chucky Bartolo
21:04 First to perform tonight is Destiny, who'll be showing the 14 upcoming acts what it takes to win an international competition, or a watered-down version of one anyway. Chucky Bartolo
21:01 Chucky Bartolo
20:52 Hello all, ‘tis I once more. Tonight’s Eurovision live blog is sponsored by an above-average sized glass of wine, a slice of pizza, and a room filled with grumpy journalists. What more could I want on my Saturday night? Chucky Bartolo

As the tension mounts for the 14 acts waiting backstage, the final preparations are underway for what promises to be another spectacle of flashing lights and below-par songs. The finalists will be giving their all in the hopes of impressing the Maltese televoting audience, and a plethora of C-list jurors. Tonight’s winner will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Stockholm this May.

The performers will take to the stage in the following order:

1. All Around the World - Deborah C
2. Little Love - Franklin
3. Under the Sun - Daniel Testa
4. Golden - Brooke
5. Flashing Lights - Raquel
6. Kingdom - Christabelle
7. Falling Glass - Corazon
8. Fire Burn - Dominic
9. The Flame - Jessika
10. Alive - Jasmine
11. You’re Beautiful - Lawrence Gray
12. Young Love - Maxine
13. Chameleon - Ira Losco
14. Lighthouse - Kim

Stay tuned for our live-blog covering all the important happenings in tonight’s show, by the only person here still buzzing over this “Eurovision nonsense” - Chucky Bartolo.