Make plans, not commitments | BlackFawn

Teodor Reljic speaks to musician duo Alexandra Aquilina and Daniel Borg, who transformed their musical trajectory by leaving both their old punk rock band – Skimmed – as well as Malta behind, and have now metamorphosed into the dark electro band BlackFawn

BlackFawn: Alexandra Aquilina and Daniel Borg
BlackFawn: Alexandra Aquilina and Daniel Borg

The birth of BlackFawn seems to have coincided with your relocation to Berlin. Were the two connected in some way, and if so – how?

It was as mostly a matter of timing. We were already performing as a duo and developing new material which we would go on to perform and release as BlackFawn while we were still in Malta and performing under our old stage name. Moving just made it more real and final. It was time to make a clear cut from where we were, to where we were going and a name change assisted that.

BlackFawn’s sound also differs substantially from that of your previous band, Skimmed. What led to this stylistic shift, and how are you finding it?

Like we said, BlackFawn as an entity was concieved while we were still Skimmed. The major change that brought the shift about at the time, was the conscious decision to start writing and performing with a drum machine. This led to a radical change in approach to songwriting, performances and rehearsals and ultimately our sound. However, we find it to be quite a natural development. There was never a moment where we sat down and said “this is what we want to sound like”. We’ve always gone with the flow and tried to produce something that reflected where we were at that point in our lives.

Could you tell us a little bit about the concept and production process behind your latest video, which is for the song Hopes & Dreams?

With BlackFawn, we decided to take a different approach to everything we produce and do everything ourselves using our own resources and limitations. This video and our first release for ‘Generations 14’ were made by us from beginning to end and filmed using a phone. It’s funny for us to go over again, as we know exactly how all the effects were achieved, but the result is actually quite interesting to watch. 

How are you finding the Berlin scene, and how is it different to Malta?

It’s a big city and there is something for everyone. It’s a music lover’s paradise and you can find everything from jazz to techno. We have performed (and partied) in some of the most amazing venues around and listened to some great musicians, but we’ve also heard some really bad artists. It’s actually quite a bit like Malta sometimes, but bigger and more open-minded, so there’s more space to grow as an artist and more to experience as an audience member.

Finally, what lies in store for BlackFawn’s immediate future?

We’ve got a few more concerts lined up till the end of the year, and a possible release. Perhaps a tour, an album. Who knows... we like to plan, but we don’t like to make commitments.

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