Malta Eurovision 2017: Eight acts to look out for tonight

Who will emerge triumphant in tonight's Malta Eurovision Song Contest? 

Janice Mangion, Brooke Borg, Kevin Borg and Claudia Faniello: four of the favourites to win tonight
Janice Mangion, Brooke Borg, Kevin Borg and Claudia Faniello: four of the favourites to win tonight

Malta will tonight choose the singer and song (no song changes possible this time around) that will represent it at this year’s Eurovision. Here’s a snippet of some of the acts set to take the stage on the big night. 


The clear favourite


Janice Mangion’s Kewkba has by far the most Youtube views out of the singers, which could be telling given that this year’s winning song will be decided purely by televoting. The fact that her song is sung entirely in Maltese will also give her a crucial ‘stand-out factor’. Is a victory written in the stars?

The one that is almost great


After bursting onto the Eurovision scene last year, Brooke Borg returns with an electropop number. It’s not bad, but it’s fair to say it’s not Golden either. Unstoppable or another near miss?

The forgotten hero


Kevin Borg has disappeared somewhat from the limelight since winning the Swedish Idol nine years ago, but he’ll attempt a comeback this year with a power-ballad. Is this the start of a return to glory for Kevin or has his star well and truly faded?

The one who just won’t give up


It seems like she’s been around forever, and Claudia Faniello certainly isn’t one for giving up. After a three-year hiatus, she will return to her old stomping grounds with Breathlessly, a ballad that wouldn’t look out of place in a Disney movie. Ninth time lucky?

The super-cheesy one


Another one who has been on the Eurovision song for quite a while, Klinsmann will try his luck again with an absolute cheese-fest. “You raise me high, like a balloon. Your body just pushes me over the moon.” Enough said?

The one who wants another bite at the cherry


There always seems to be one former Eurovision winner trying his or her luck again. This year, it’s Richard Edwards – of Firelight fame – with a song blandly titled ‘You’. Does he deserve another chance?

The one with the strongest voice


With such a stunning voice, it’s quite incredible that Franklin Calleja has not yet managed to win the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Is this the moment or is his song just a bit too boring?

The promising newcomer


It’s flown under the radar somewhat, but Cherton Caruana’s song is instantly catchy and a powerful performance of the night could make people stop and listen. Surprise of the night?