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After witnessing the melodic death metal quintet hit the state at local festival Dark Winter Meeting last month, TIA RELJIC caught up with INDOMINUS, hailing from Northern Ireland, to discuss their new EP and plans for the future

Indominus came together in January 2016.
Indominus came together in January 2016.

Tell me about your band; what’s your history and what brought you to this point? How would you describe your music, and where do you draw your influences from?

Indominus came together in January 2016. We all knew each other beforehand so there was familiarity there in that we were already friends. Our brand we would describe as a mixture of death metal/melodic death metal, we have some subtleties of thrash, black and progressive in there too. Our influences range from Death, Obscura, Gojira, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Emperor, Beyond Creation, the list goes on! We would also draw influence from things happening in the world, our lyrics talk about human struggles, the mind, some of the darker things we all experience, corruption, you know… happy subjects!

What festival would you love to headline? If you had the chance to play with any performer, dead or alive, who and where would you make this dream gig happen?

Definitely Wacken Open Air in Germany. That feeling of playing our music to thousands of metalheads, and the epic view from the stage would be amazing. 70,000 tons of metal would be unreal too, what’s more metal than playing a show on a cruise full of fellow metal fans? There’s a bunch of musicians we’d love to play with, both living and some who have passed away. These would include Chuck Schuldiner, Lemmy, Cliff Burton, the 80s’ incarnation of Sepultura, Gojira, and many others… and of course Black Sabbath! Who wouldn’t want to play with the forefathers of heavy metal?

Do you feel the band and the scene you are part of have due recognition from the powers that be?

The Northern Irish metal scene has actually received a lot of recognition in recent times, which is great to see! Ireland has a lot to offer!

Regarding your EP; is this part of a larger endeavour that will culminate to a full-length or is it just testing the waters?

A full-length is definitely in the books, but at the minute we’re working on material for EP number 2. We’re really excited about it, and it’s definitely the darkest and heaviest material we’ve written to date. In a month’s time we’re hitting the studio to record a single track named “Ambivalence (Stood Still)” which we’ll release digitally.

"The track “Legion Within” is probably the closest to what we sound like now"

The Legion Within EP came together very quickly. We basically had a lot of riffs in the bank and at the same time jammed new ones, then pretty much fired it all together. The band was started in January 2016, and we all knew each other prior to that so we got together and got to work straight away, and hit the studio in May 2016. We wanted everyone to know what the band sounded like at the time. It has since evolved musically quite significantly – not to mention Simon (guitar) also does lead vocals now, on the first EP we had a lead vocalist (Alan) whilst Simon did backing vocals. The track “Legion Within” is probably the closest to what we sound like now, we always play that track live too. It’s a fun little spin.

Tell me about your experience in Malta. What brought you here and what do you think of it?

In terms of playing shows, Malta was new territory for us. We had a great time though, we played at 2017’s edition of Dark Winter Meeting and played with some very cool bands in the process. There was a great atmosphere and vibe from the crowd, we also got to use some pretty kickass amps too. Sampling (a lot of) Maltese beer was also very enjoyable!

What’s next for you?

We have the recording of “Ambivalence (Stood Still)” coming up, then we’ll be recording our next EP later on this year. We have a few festivals coming up too, in the summer time we’re playing in Louth (Ireland) alongside Coroner & Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. This week we’re playing a battle of the bands locally, named “Bloodstock Metal to the Masses” – this is our first heat, and the winner of the competition gets to play Bloodstock in England. We’re also planning some more international dates for the near future, we’ll also be doing a music video sometime this year.