International festival inaugurates new ActionBase studio

An 11-day International Festival of the Arts will launch the new ActionBase Studio in Buskett from June 16 to 26.

In January 2011, Gruppi ghall-Inkontri tal-Bniedem, set up 43 years ago, moved to superbly sited premises, set in its own landscaped fields below Verdala Palace, overlooking all the afforested valleys and hills of Buskett, Girgenti and Wied il-Luq.

The new ActionBase studio is breathtaking, set in an environment whose beauty defies description. The space needs upgrading to meet the standards of the international programme of events for which it is perfect, especially with the wide international network Gruppi has developed in its long lifetime.

It was decided, however, that its beauty and Gruppi’s good fortune deserve to be shared, so it is being launched with an international Festival… dance, music, theatre, poetry, digital installations, political cabaret – a great programme, from Italy, Croatia, India, Malaysia, UK/Poland and, of course, Malta.

Nature’s energy will resonate with Gruppi’s long, rich history, promising to galvanise and bring to fruit the international dimension of its 43 years of research.

Set in its own landscaped fields, it can sleep over 30 persons and is equipped with bathrooms, kitchen, an intimate indoor studio and two beautiful outdoor spaces holding audiences of 120 and 300.

The festival opens with three nights of Gruppi’s new work: Stultifera Navis… jew: Ow Wenn Di Sejnts Kam Sejling In, a performance inspired by The Ship of Fools. Indian dance, contemporary classical music, a fusion evening with Joe Friggieri’s poetry, Renzo Spiteri’s percussion, Caroline Calleja’s harp set in a digital art installation by Vince Briffa, and theatre performances from Italy (Per Edith Piaf), Croatia (Geography Victims 2) and from UK/Poland (Fragments from the Clay) will be followed by seminars for performers, one on Voice and one on Performer Dramaturgy.

Booking for the festival will open shortly at St James Centre for Creativity, and tickets can also be booked online. Further information can be found on the website that caters for Gruppi ghall-Inkontri tal-Bniedem and ActionBase Studio –