Żep Camilleri passes away

Theatre actor, producer, director, and drama teacher, Camilleri was exalted on social media for his talent and for being an inspiration to many

Żep Camilleri passed away at the age of 64
Żep Camilleri passed away at the age of 64

Żep Camilleri, beloved theatre actor, producer and director, passed away on Thursday night at the age of 64 after a battle with cancer.

Camilleri was also a drama teacher and the man behind the Visual and Performing Arts School. Many of his students took to Facebook to lament their loss and to convey thanks , describing him as a mentor, an inspiring teacher and a cogent man.

Camilleri was also the father of three sons, Jake, Lee and Jean Luc. Jake took to Facebook to write: “Father and mentor, this is goodbye. Thank you for the smiles, the memories, and the unconditional love. Thank you for all the invaluable lessons you have passed on to us. So many things I am eternally grateful for. Rest in peace, father. Love you always."

His wife, Sylvia, wrote: “Goodbye Joe. Till we meet again my love.”

Camilleri's funeral will be held on Monday at 3.30pm at the Church of Santa Maria of Jesus (Ta' Gieżu), in Rabat. People are asked to wear colourful clothes in honour of the actor’s love for life and art.