Moneybase launches person-to-person instant payments

It is now possible for Moneybase users to make use of instant payments to people on their phone’s contact list

Moneybase is Malta's first home-grown digital payments app
Moneybase is Malta's first home-grown digital payments app

Malta’s first home-grown digital payments app, Moneybase, has officially released its person-to-person instant payments feature allowing users to send money using their phone’s contacts list.

Payments made through the contacts list are free and the transfer is immediate. 

The Moneybase app comes with three top-up options for users to add funds to their account. Users can initiate a SEPA direct debit deposit from the Moneybase app, make bank transfers to their personal Moneybase IBAN, or use the instant top-up function to add funds from their debit or credit card. The card function is available on the Android app and will be available on IOS in the coming days. 

Alan Cuschieri, founder of Moneybase and co-CEO at Calamatta Cuschieri, said: “Moneybase is proudly Maltese. We are always here to support our customers. Our mission is to make their life as easy as possible and to make money simple. We do not ‘pause’ or block accounts unnecessarily. Everyone is welcome to join our community and you can call us at any time.”

The Moneybase app offers users the option to send and receive SEPA payments in 34 countries. Users can keep money in different currencies and also receive their salary on their account with Moneybase.

Moneybase is currently giving away free cards as part of its launch offer. Moneybase users can make contactless payments and withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.