Former Air Malta chairman Lawrence Zammit to head Malta Enterprise

Lawrence Zammit, former MDC head returns to Malta Enterprise, former ETC chief Sue Vella appointed chief executive.

Former Air MAlta chairman Lawrence Zammit will be appointed as chairman of Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks, after the departure of executive chairman Alan Camilleri.

Sue Vella has been appointed CEO, with both appointments to take effect as from 12 May 2012.

The position of chairman was also offered to Malcolm Miller, of the Miller group, a major shareholder of Standard Publications, the publishers of The Malta Independent.

Lawrence Zammit is a founding partner of MISCO, the marketing research and human resources consulting firm. He has held a number of public appointments, including past chairman of the Malta Development Corporation, the Malta Enterprise precursor.

He has also been chairman of the Employment and Training Corporation, Malta International Airport and Air Malta, and was also actively involved in the setting up of Malta Enterprise.

Prior to joining Malta Enterprise, Sue Vella was CEO at the Employment and Training Corporation, while also serving as vice president of the Employment Committee in Brussels and Chair of its technical group. She has worked in public sector consultancy and in various policy fields, also serving on a number of public sector boards and committees including vocational education, housing, social welfare and pension reform.

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