Revamped BusinessToday back in newsstands and online

MediaToday's business newspaper is back, with the aim of focusing on the latest in business news and innovation

BusinessToday on all your devices
BusinessToday on all your devices

A revamped BusinessToday is the latest publication from the MediaToday stable, aiming to focus on the latest in business news and innovation in the Maltese Islands.

It will be available at all leading outlets and distributed without charge to various financial centres and banks.

BusinessToday was originally published in September 1999, but had ceased publication in 2010. It is returning nine years later with a print, and digital edition, together with dedicated website - - seeking to engage with the business world and address new initiatives in the Maltese economy.

“So much has changed since 1999, but one thing has not, and that is that the business community and investors and innovators together with decision makers need a platform to set their agenda,” Managing Editor Saviour Balzan said.

“This is our 20th year as a media company, and when we started out, print was the dominant medium. When digital hit the road, there was a consensus that print would disappear, but today we know that print and digital need each other and can co-exist.”

BusinessToday will retain MediaToday's timbre, with hard-nosed top stories, but will also carry interviews with business leaders, features together and the latest from the new economy.    

It joins three other MediaToday newspapers: MaltaToday on a Sunday, MaltaToday midweek and Illum.

The newspaper also includes online links to original archives of BusinessToday from 1999 until 2010. 

Visit the brand new site here.

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