Stefano Mallia elected president of the European Employers Group

Stefano Mallia was elected to lead the European Employers Group with the support of 87% of members

Stefano Mallia
Stefano Mallia

Stefano Mallia has been elected as the next president of the European Employers Group, a leading civil society organisation at European level.

Mallia obtained the support of 87% of members to beat rival Laurentiu Plosceanu of Romania. He will occupy the post for the next two-and-a-half years.

Mallia said he was happy from a personal point of view but was also “very pleased from a Malta point of view, especially at this particular point in time”.

The employers’ group is made up of 117 members and analysis proposed EU legislation to ensure this does not create any unnecessary burdens for enterprise and instead creates a business-friendly environment.

Mallia said the new European Commission has put forward important initiatives such as the proposed Green Deal, the European climate law and the minimum wage across Europe. “These are all proposals which will have a significant impact on the everyday functioning of enterprises across the whole of the EU. As the representatives of employers, we must make sure that these initiatives do not hinder enterprise and that most importantly, they will put us in a position to meet the challenges of the future especially with regards to climate change and the competitiveness of Europe vis-à-vis the US, China and India,” Mallia said.

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