How Malta became a haven for iGaming software providers

Exploring how Malta became a powerhouse player in the world of iGaming against stiff competition, and what the future might hold for the island nation

The world of online betting is a highly competitive industry, yet it has also seen Malta carve out a sizeable chunk of the sector for itself. Nowadays, iGaming is one of the key parts of Malta’s economy, but what makes the Mediterranean island nation so successful?

Malta: One of the big three

There are three main gambling hubs in Europe, and these are the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, and Malta. And it’s the last of these that is very much the place to be as far as iGaming is concerned. Today the sector has flourished to such an extent that it contributes around 12-13% of GDP. Not only does this indicate how successful Malta has been in attracting iGaming enterprises to its island shores, but also that the country very much has a vested interest in maintaining attractive operating conditions for current iGaming businesses and, of course, drawing even more.

Malta is not the biggest country in the world, so how did it leapfrog the likes of the United Kingdom (and leave France and Germany in the dust) to become the foremost centre for iGaming not just in the continent, but in the world?

An increased awareness of casino bonuses

The rapid development of the online casino industry has been due to many factors, among them the proliferation of generous casino promotions that offer golden hellos to newcomers and recurring benefits for existing players. The problem, such as it is, can be there are so many that sifting through them can become a chore. However, a comprehensive database of no deposit casino bonuses has been put together by for the convenience of bettors, enabling players to simply browse the list and pick what suits their needs. Better yet, the no deposit focus means there’s no risk at all of losing cash, and it’s the perfect way to take a new casino for a test drive (while still enjoying the possibility of winning real money). Maltese nationals and expats are well aware of this and are always discussing the latest industry offers.

Sun, sea and low taxes

Malta is a beautiful place to visit or stay, with a fascinating history thanks to its Mediterranean location. From the ancient homes of the Knights of Saint John to more modern times when the United Kingdom awarded the whole island the George Cross for bravery in World War Two, it has an intriguing heritage. It’s also a tax haven, which certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to attracting investment, and, alongside iGaming, has other high tech sectors sitting comfortably in a country that’s also replete with a unique history and great climate.

SiGMA: a calendar highlight

One more string in the Maltese bow when it comes to online betting is SiGMA, one of the highlights in the iGaming calendar. With hundreds of businesses and experts, not to mention thousands of attendees from every corner of the map, SiGMA is a golden opportunity for networking and (in pre-pandemic times) continually grew in size every year.

The advantage of scale

iGaming is a business sector like any other, and when one country reaches a certain critical mass it gains significant operating advantages. This can be seen with F1 in the UK, with most teams based close to one another, enabling engineers to switch teams easily without having to move house or change their children’s schooling. Likewise in Malta, the proliferation of a diverse array of businesses means there are staff with every kind of expertise, from speaking different languages to knowledge of mobile compatibility. Setting up a new iGaming business in Malta means there’s a ready pool of experienced and broad-ranging set of employees.

What the future holds

Predicting the future can be difficult (nobody saw the outbreak of COVID-19, after all), but there are reasons to remain positive about Malta’s strong position in the iGaming field. The sector is one of rapid technological advancement (it is within living memory, after all, of a world without the internet, let alone online casinos and mobile gaming).VR technology could integrate very well with live casinos, enhancing the immersion of playing in person even more.

New applications made ready via smartwatches offer further gaming possibilities and the fact that Malta is not only a leading hub of iGaming but tech generally makes it perfectly placed to take advantage of future developments and new technological trends.

Malta’s canny combination of business-friendly practices and acquiring a critical mass of enterprises has made it a strong contender in the field of iGaming. Future developments suggest yet more expansion in this sector is entirely possible, and there’s no reason to think Malta will be anywhere other than at the forefront of iGaming going forward.