Could Baden Bower be the best PR agency for start-ups?

The last time stagflation hit the U.S., “startup” was a niche term, VC an obscure cottage industry, and private equity firms managed a collective $2.4 billion

Image Credit: Baden Bower Senior Journalist
Image Credit: Baden Bower Senior Journalist

As a song from that bygone era said, everything old is new again, and so startups may soon confront a challenge that has no direct precedent in the era of venture financing.

Recession is coming, so should you even consider publicity for your startup now?

Today, 60% of CEOs surveyed by the Conference Board foresee a recession by the end of 2023 and 55% expect inflation to stretch into next year. Some economists think a mix of both could be in the cards. 

For startups with a finite runway of cash available, now is the time to penny pinch. However public relations is one of the most cost effective strategies to drive improvements to on-site conversion rate, increase brand awareness and raise the effectiveness of SEO for a business with online presence. This is all the more relevant as marketing departments look to cut back on Google Ads and Facebook. 

Recession or not, you have to keep growing (or die trying)

When you are ready to position your company and product and are preparing to scale your customer acquisition, it is time to think about how PR tactics can help aid your positioning efforts. Many startups decide at this stage to engage the expertise of a public relations firm to leverage their expertise in building media relations and reaching certain influential audiences.

There are 2 types of PR Agencies

The first come in with strategies, plans and long term retainer contracts. They “try” to achieve placements. They typically suck. 

The second type of pr firm, specializing in publicity for startups in particular, guarantees publication of news stories. They skip the pitching phase altogether and go straight to publication. 

Baden Bower is one such firm, recently named a top 10 PR Firm globally (think Edelman, Golin, Weber Shandwick, Grayling, FleishmanHillard and LaneTerralever). They are, however, a fraction of the price. 

Depending on your needs, Baden Bower can achieve constant publication of news stories about your startup.  The firm is uniquely positioned to articulate your message, and achieve media and audience to communicate your message. 

They are savvy digital marketers too, so understand how to track the value of the publicity generated and how to carefully shape your digital footprint. 

Startups rely on Baden Bower

Image Credit: Baden Bower Partner
Image Credit: Baden Bower Partner

Adrian John Ignacio, Head Journalist, thinks that Baden Bower might be the best PR agency for startups. Some of its most recent clients have managed to generate a news story with global reach every day, on some of the most recognised publications on the planet. 

And the speed in which they are winning new clients has analysts predicting they might be the fastest growing PR agency in the world right now. 

The secrets to managing a PR agency as a startup

The relationship between startup and pr agency should not be passive.  Clients should inform the agency what messages they would like to promote and make suggestions on where they would like to appear.  

And only very few PR firms can guarantee results like Baden Bower. Very few stories make the front page of the New York Times, but with guaranteed publication on top tier websites that include online publications, magazines and other media that evolves every day, a good PR agency will help clients increase their visibility via increased recognition on as many respected editorial platforms as possible. 

 Long term, public relations can be an investment in the brand and the visibility of a firm or individual that results in increased recognition and reputation.

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