Eliademy a free online classroom to support learning in Malta

Eliademy support educators and students with free online classrooms that enable them create, share and manage courses.

Universities, colleges, after-school tutors and English language academies can use it as a free learning management system and online courses are 100% owned by the owner. With its smart and friendly interface plus fast and easy to use features, educators are able to engage students with features such as videos, images, pdf files, newsfeed, visual notifications and calendar, anytime, anywhere. Eliademy is free, the data and information on it is secure and it is free of advertisement.

Eliademy has selected Malta to launch its global service to support Malta's extraordinary progress in meeting its educational targets. "We want to change the global educational system and we are starting from Malta", commented Sotiris Makrygiannis, Founder and CEO of CBTec Ltd, the company behind the 21st century free learning management system.

Eliademy's mission to democratize education comes from its belief that education should be available to all and everywhere. Going back to history, the great philosopher Plato started the first Academy in the world in an olive tree grove, also known as Elia in Greek. It was a remarkable event that laid the foundation for human education. However, Plato's Academy was an exclusive academy only free to the people of Athens those days. Applying the same philosophy and taking it further, we think education should be available to everyone all over the world. Thus we created Eliademy. The mission of Eliademy is to democratize education with technology by ensuring anyone, anywhere and at anytime is able to access educational content either on the web or on mobile.

Eliademy is backed by CBTec Ltd, a Finland based company founded by Ex-Nokia Meego veterans and has been developed with Finnish universities, educators, organizations and students.

For more information, visit www.eliademy.com