Affected Samsung Note 7 phones not available in Malta, Consumer Authority says

A national investigation by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has shown that affected Samsung Note 7 mobile phones have not reached Malta

None of the affected products have reached Malta - MCCAA
None of the affected products have reached Malta - MCCAA

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) launched a national investigation into this issue of the Samsung Note 7, the authority said in a media statement. 

Following worldwide reports of incidents regarding overheating and combustion of the Samsung Note 7 mobile phone, the MCCAA contacted the local brand’s representative, which reportedly said that no affected products had arrived in Malta prior to the global recall. 

The South Korean technology giant recalled the model globally on Tuesday and suspended its production after several users around the world reported that their phones burst into flames and exploded due to overheating batteries.

The investigation also showed that products sold from the brand’s official sites were not distributed to Malta, MCCAA added. 

MCCAA also said that it has been in contact with its counterparts across Europe.  “Most European states are in a similar situation as Malta, where the product was recalled prior distribution,” it said.

While the MCCAA reassured the public of the unlikelihood of an affected product being found in Malta, it advised those who recently acquired the Samsung Note 7 to switch it off and contact the economic operator for information regarding the recall of the device.