Comodini Cachia hosting Google in Malta for digital business event

Google experts will be training Maltese SMEs develop their business online

Google experts will be participating in a day event aimed at providing start-ups and businesses in Malta with inspiring experiences, examples and tools on how to develop their business online.

The event – Growing and Thriving Online – is being organised on 15 July and will be hosted by MEP Therese Comodini Cachia in collaboration with Google

In a press conference to announce the event, Comodini Cachia said the response had been overwhelming and all places available had been booked.

“The immense enthusiasm that this event has generated among businesses and start-ups is a sign that we have embraced digital innovation and want to grasp the opportunities that digital tools offer,” she said.

“I want this event to enhance participants' skills in using digital tools and to help them innovate business models so that they continue to strengthen their development, contribute further towards Malta's economy and create more and better paid jobs.”

She said Google had committed themselves, from the first meeting she had with them, to provide the training during the event, adding she was honest to be hosting the Google representatives.

She said MEP Michal Boni would also be travelling to Malta to participate in the event.

“With all places available being taken up in a few days, I look forward to further cooperation with Google,” she said.

Enrico Bellini for Google said the company was happy to contribute to the event and to offer its competencies to help local SMEs thrive online and grow.

“We strongly believe in the power of the web for growing businesses, creating new jobs and helping local economies, especially in sectors with an export potential,” he said.

“That’s why – two years ago – we started a programme to help spreading digital skills through Europe and we remain committed to train two million people by 2017.”

Research carried out by the European Commission showed that the EU would face a shortfall of 825,000 unfilled vacancies in ICT-related jobs by 2020.

Skills for growing a business online were becoming increasingly important for young people entering the workforce.

These are some of the issues that will be discussed during the event and on which training will be provided.

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