Strengthening our country: A collective effort | Steve Ellul

The need for unity should not translate into unfair decisions that impact the lives of citizens in Member States disparately

Our collective future will be challenging; with issues like climate change, migration, and economic stability looming large, the need for a strong and united country has never been more critical.

In this context, the upcoming European Parliament Elections should bring with them a sense of hope and renewal. European Parliament elections have nothing to do with an individual's ability to single-handedly change the European Union – far from it!

I do however believe that it once more offers the promise of engaging in open dialogue, fostering cooperation, and pushing for innovative solutions that benefit all.

It's crucial at this stage to recognise that the opportunity for dialogue and cooperation should not be limited to the run-in to the elections alone. These principles should be upheld at all times, not just during the electoral period. The spirit of collaboration and inclusivity should be constant, as these are the values that can truly shape a better future for the European Union. The upcoming elections serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining this commitment beyond the campaign season and throughout our shared journey toward progress and unity.

‘The European Union is at a crossroads’; we’ve definitely heard this statement being thrown about in various forums. This time though, I do believe that the European Union is facing more complex multi-layered challenges that require collective action and a commitment to finding common ground. It's no longer enough to tackle issues in isolation; the interconnectedness of our world demands a more inclusive approach. The importance of this cannot be overstated, and it is central to my candidacy.

For too long, we have witnessed division and polarisation within the European Union. It's time to break down these barriers and embrace a spirit of unity. I for one, recognize the power of collaboration and believe that only by working together can we address the urgent concerns that affect us all. Engaging in open dialogue is not a mere formality but a genuine commitment to hearing diverse perspectives and finding solutions that are equitable and just.

The need for unity should not translate into unfair decisions that impact the lives of citizens in Member States disparately. It's imperative, for example, to recognise that the "one-size-fits-all" approach is a clear illustration of why ongoing dialogue is crucial. This approach underscores the importance of open discussions and cooperation to address the unique needs and challenges that various countries within the EU may face. Instead, by fostering such dialogues and considering the specific circumstances of each Member State, we can work towards a more inclusive and responsive European Union that genuinely serves the interests and well-being of all its citizens.

One of the pressing issues of our time is undoubtedly climate change. The European Union stands as a global leader in environmental stewardship, and we should all share in that passion by harnessing this position to create a more sustainable future. By championing policies that support research, innovation, and green technologies, Europe can lead the way in combatting climate change and promoting environmental sustainability.

Accessibility and accountability are also at the forefront of my views on a better European Union. In today's world, representation should not be distant, re-active or barely responsive. My hope is that in the coming months, I establish strong communication channels to ensure that your concerns, ideas, and aspirations are actively considered.

The European Parliament elections should not be about grandiose promises or the belief in a singular institution that will act as the saviour of the European Union. It's about recognising that the challenges we face require a collective effort and a dedication to finding innovative solutions that benefit everyone. It's about fostering cooperation among Member States, engaging in open dialogue with citizens, and pushing for policies that prioritise our collective well-being.

In a time of uncertainty, it's refreshing to focus on unity, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to a prosperous future for all. It reminds us that the European Union is a place where diverse voices come together to shape a better tomorrow. It's a vision worth celebrating and supporting, for the strength of the European Union lies in its ability to unite and work collaboratively towards a brighter future.

In a parting remark, the European Parliament Elections mark a pivotal moment in our journey towards a united and inclusive future. While no individual can single-handedly transform the EU, these elections offer the promise of dialogue, cooperation, and innovative solutions that benefit all citizens. Let us commit to upholding these values not only during the campaign but as enduring principles guiding our path to a more united, responsive, and sustainable European Union. Together, we can address complex challenges, break down barriers, and champion our well-being.