Letters: 22 December 2014

Malta's EU membership

Ten years ago we voted in favour of joining the EU. It turned out to be the most corrupt and filthy institution on earth. Little did we know at the time what the EU is really all about.

They robbed us of our sovereignty, they are robbing us of our freedom, they robbed us of our freedom of speech, they are robbing us of our culture, they robbed us of our dignity, they robbed us of our pride in our nation, they robbed us of our identity and they want to rob us of our beliefs.

They dumped their euro on most of the EU countries. It was a complete failure and will surely be dissolved in a few years.  For now we are getting some money from the EU and some projects were and are being done, even if they are always overdue and over budget. In a few years’ time Malta will be a net contributor. At least 95% of the Maltese population never saw one red cent of EU money! The money is going in the pockets of a very few people. 

Greed for money and power has made the EU and its politicians, incoherent to what is really happening around us. The EU can no longer ignore their own people’s feelings and concerns. 

The EU together with the US destabilised several countries, triggering this complete insanity of mass migration. Their so-called political correctness is going to bring western civilization to an end. It is an artificial, centralized government that thinks it is God. Local citizens are shoved aside and deliberately replaced by people who will never assimilate and will never integrate.

How long will they rank the chains of the dog? The dog will eventually bite! These foreign nationals will only ever be a drain on any European country and on all the hard working people. Anyone who opens his mouth is labelled a racist. This is not a race issue, it is a survival issue! However if they are ready to assimilate and integrate and be productive, law-abiding citizens and contribute to the local economy, they are welcome. 

Unfortunately local MPs, MEPs and every single NGO refuse to hear the cries of their own people. Ours and their own children will have to pay for their political correctness and sins! Do they have any patriotic blood running through their veins? 

Millions in the EU live in poverty. Malta is no exception with about 21% of its population living below the poverty line, yet they are more focused on letting illegal migrants live off the taxpayer with hand-outs, at times almost as much as a local pensioner who spent his whole life contributing to the local economy. Handouts are no incentive for anyone to better his life in any way, shape or form and be a productive member of society.

Unfortunately, pretty much all western countries built and fought for their freedom through our ancestors and are now being led by a bunch of hypocritical, butt licking cowards who are serving as a door mat to the EU. Now, the costs of EU membership and the surrender of our sovereignty and freedom become obvious. From joining an economic union to becoming a vassal state.

Is that what we agreed to? Is this what we hoped for? Is this right? Was it really worth it?

J. Buttigieg, Victoria

Pull the other one, Simon!


Simon Busuttil seems to believe that he can insult the intelligence of those who follow what he says during news conferences and public meetings. I say this because we have had another very glaring example of this.

 While addressing a news conference on Wednesday, 17 December, when asked about the political responsibility of Carm Mifsud Bonnici in the case involving the death or killing of the illegal immigrant Kamara, Busuttil replied that Mifsud Bonnici is no longer a minister. Besides, Busuttil said, the PN had already paid for that death when the PN had suffered defeat in the general election of 2013, adding that the immigrant’s death was part of the reasons that brought about the PN’s defeat!

 Who does the leader of the opposition think he is fooling? Has he forgotten that Lawrence Gonzi had set up a commission to draw up a report on the reasons that had contributed to the PN’s defeat? Nowhere in that report was the immigrant Kamara’s death mentioned as being one of the reasons for the PN’s historic defeat at the polls! Can anyone in his/her right mind ever believe that Simon Busuttil can ever take difficult decisions when these involve his own parliamentary colleagues?

 Pull the other one, Simon!

Eddy Privitera, Mosta

The Christmas myth

The Christmas story, depicted every year with childish cribs, is an obvious myth.

According to this myth, God was born of a woman. He became a bambin to atone for “original sin”, thereby appeasing the anger of Himself as Father, piqued by a woman’s desire for apples or knowledge. 

John Guillaumier, St Julian’s