New Water dispensers and network extends into Gozo

New Water network in Gozo reaches €6 million investment as more dispensers continue to be installed

Energy minister Miriam Dalli (third from right) addresses the press
Energy minister Miriam Dalli (third from right) addresses the press

The Water Services Corporation’s New Water Network has extended into Gozo with more dispensers installed on the sister island. 

The ongoing €6 million works include a 9km network through Għajnsielem and Kerċem, to add 60 new dispensers in Gozo.

Energy minister Miriam Dalli said the WSC will improve water quality while roofing various reservoirs to control the network in rural areas. “The government will continue providing New Water to more farmers for irrigation. New Water is an essential source for farmers as they benefit from a low salinity water resulting in a positive impact of their crops and a wider and varied production,” Dalli said.

Over 200 dispensers will be available across the islands.

Gozo minister Clint Camilleri said the effects of climate change could not be ignored, which is why the WSC was expanding the second-class water network service to all farmers.

“Valleys have been cleaned to store more water, and recently  a reservoir for the storage of rainwater for farmers was inaugurated.”