Gozo new water suspended due to illegal sewage dumping

Water Services says illegal sewage can put the corporation’ workers at risk and cause thousands of euros in damage

The illegal dumping of a “non-domestic” discharge in the Gozitan sewers led to the suspension of new water production on Wednesday afternoon.

The Water Services Corporation said that an “illegal non-domestic sewer discharge of substantial proportions” had occurred in Gozo, leading to a sharp drop in oxygen levels in the two bioreactors of the Gozo sewage treatment plant.

The sewage treatment plant produces polished treated water that is then redistributed to farmers for agricultural purposes.

Due to the illegal sewage, new water production was suspended as a precautionary measure.

“Such discharges limit and may even incapacitate treatment potential, put the corporation’s workforce at risk, may carry thousands of euros in damages, and are criminally prosecutable. The Corporation reiterates that the sewage infrastructure is very complex and delicate and that such infrastructure is damaged through the improper use of the urban sewer system. It is therefore very important that only human toilet waste and degradable toilet paper are discharged in the system.”

Any suspected foul play or problems with the sewer can be reported to the Corporation on Freephone 8007 6400, by email on [email protected], on on the website live chat at www.wsc.com.mt and also on social media.