Marsaskala laments environment ministry's lapsed pledge to restore Il-Magħluq

The Marsascala local council said that the the cleaning process promised to take place at the end of summer 2017 never happened, leaving Il-Magħluq in an abandoned state

Il-Magħluq at Marsaskala
Il-Magħluq at Marsaskala

The Marsaskala council is calling on the Envrionment Minister and the environment authority to clean up Il-Magħluq, a Natura 2000 site within the locality.

The council said the clean up of the area had to start at the end of last summer but nothing happened.

Il-Magħluq is a stretch of inland water at the heart of the seaside locality. It is also home to the endangered killifish, known as bużaqq in Maltese or by its scientific name Aphanius fasciatus, which is a small fish endemic to the Mediterranean.

The ecological site falls under the responsibility of the Environment and Resrouces Authority.

The council said that unfortunately, the area has been abandoned. Residents and restaurant owners have complained about the rubbish that has accumulated in the area, attracting rats.

“An excessive amount of sand and dirt is also blocking water circulation in the area," the council said.

“There have been several studies during the years yet no action has been taken. The council found out through local media that the cleaning process was to start at the end of summer 2017. Another summer has arrived and nothing has happened yet," the council said in a statement.

The council said they hope that the minister responsible, as well as ERA, give the site the attention it needs, and that works at Il-Maghluq finally takes place.

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