The beginning of the end: MIDI announces final works at Tigné

The project will see an addition of 63 apartments and new plaza around the Garden Battery

The MIDI group has announced the commencement of the last phase of construction works in Tigné, which will see the group investing €30 million in the construction of a 17-storey tower.

The tower will consist of 63 luxury apartments and extensive landscaping on 7,000 sqm of land encircling the historical Garden Battery.

The group’s statement described the latest works as the final phase of MIDI plc’s €275 million development of Tigné Point on public land originally transferred to the group in a deed signed in 1999. 

This will bring to an end the complete makeover of the coastline, especially when viewed from Valletta.

The final addition to the MIDI project in Tigné envisages the creation of 7,000 sqm of landscaped spaces encircling the historical ‘Garden Battery’,  the group said in its statement.

The artillery battery set between the Cambridge Battery and Fort Tigné formed part of a series of 19th-century artillery fortifications on the island, and is now being slated as the centrepiece of the Tigné Point scheme.

The project is set to include a new market plaza adjoining the existing Tigné Piazza on the southern edge of the Garden Battery.  Its terraced roof will include space for market stalls and community activities while the lower levels will accommodate future retail and food and beverage outlets. 

The plaza will step down to meet the Garden Battery, with a panoramic glazed lift connecting the plaza to the lower level. 

The project, which also includes 16 floors of residential accommodation consisting of 63 luxury apartments, is being designed by the London-based firm LOM Architecture & Design, whose works include the National Bank of Oman in Muscat and Tesco’s head office in Welwyn Garden City.

 “The apartments are sensitively designed to maximise the amazing views over the Mediterranean Sea and across to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta,” Richard Hutchinson, director at LOM Architecture & Design said. 

MIDI CEO Mark Portelli described the project as “a landmark development for Tigné Point and the region”.

The Planning Authority approved the 17-storey tower at Tigné Point in 2021 after MIDI plc was allowed to transfer 8,000 sqm of developable space from the Manoel Island project to Tigné.

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