ERA objects to Gozo development: construction work would destroy natural habitat

The Environment Authority is objecting to the proposed development of six apartments, pool and parking in Zebbug, Gozo

ERA is objecting to a proposed development on the sister island
ERA is objecting to a proposed development on the sister island

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) is objecting to the development of six apartments, complete with pool and parking, in Zebbug, Gozo.

In objecting to the proposed development, ERA put forward its concerns about the strong visual impact and the significant degradation that the proposed development is envisaged to have on the environmentally sensitive site.

“The interventions being proposed would degrade the environment through the loss of natural habitat from extensive construction,” ERA said.

In addition, ERA argued that the proposal would adversely impact the valley system and its overall rural character, and would require the uprooting of existing trees and other vegetation typically found on such cliff sides.

The authority warned that, even if the Planning Authority green lights the development, ERA “may not be in a position” to grant the nature and tree permits that are legally required to accommodate the proposed interventions.

ERA’s objection to the proposed development was provided to the Planning Authority on March 23, 2017, in its capacity as an external consultee and an interested party.

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