No decision yet on 8,000sq.m to be added to Tigné Point ‘jigsaw’

No committal yet from Midi plc on additional floorspace it has gained from Manoel Island to its 138,000sq.m at Tigné Point

Aerial view of the final Tigné Point tower to be constructed
Aerial view of the final Tigné Point tower to be constructed

The development consortium of the Tigné and Manoel Island projects has not confirmed whether 8,000sq.m of floorspace it reduced from the Manoel Island development, will be included in the final part of a 17-storey tower at Tigné.

Planning Authority officials had revealed in a recent PA board meeting discussing changes to the Manoel Island masterplan, that 8,000sq.m of floor space would be transferred to Midi plc’s Tigné project.

While PA executive chairman Johann Buttigieg himself had referred to an “already excavated site” for the location of the transferred floor space, a Midi spokesperson told MaltaToday no further development was planned at Tigné Point, beyond the 17-floor terrace building for 63 apartments that will overlook a restored garden battery – set over 15,200sq.m.

Labour MP Clayton Bartolo, who represents the government on the PA board, had already said this transfer would impact the Tigné masterplan, and requested a clarification before a decision is taken on Manoel Island.

But when asked by MaltaToday whether Midi’s latest application includes the 8,000sq.m of floor space, the company would not commit itself.
“At the moment a yes or no answer is not possible as Midi is currently reconciling the developed areas with the PA which is likely to take a little time,” the spokesperson said.

The PA itself could not confirm whether Midi has already used the floorspace it was allocated in its 1999 application to develop Tigné Point, which was set at 138,000sq.m.

So far, Midi has presented a project development statement for its final development – Q2 – in Tigné on an already excavated site, which, along with the Centre Office block, will be part of a final phase of development for the remaining Tigné North plots straddling the restored garden battery: “As the final piece in the development jigsaw, the proposal aims to create and enhance a series of pedestrian links through the new public realm from Piazza Tigné through to the promenade, from Fort Tigné to the Garden Battery and from the Point Shopping Centre to the new Q3 residential development.”

Landscaping, paving and embellishment of public areas at the Garden Battery and adjoining areas include the construction of a pedestrian bridge, water feature and staircases and a lift linking this level to the piazza.

But the peninsula will be affected by an additional 650 car trips being generated by the project on a daily basis. The Sliema local council, which has objected to the transfer of floorspace to Tigné, recently met with Midi plc. PN councillor Michael Briguglio told MaltaToday the council was doing its utmost to ensure and guarantee public access for residents, both with the Planning Authority and in meetings with Midi.

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