ERA green-lights major road works in Rabat and Paola

To compensate for trees lost during the proposed development, ERA will be planting 845 new trees 

Buqana Road, Rabat
Buqana Road, Rabat

The Environment and Resource Authority (ERA) has approved roadworks to be carried out on Santa Lucija Street, Paola and Buqana Road in Rabat. 

In a statement, ERA said that while trees that are not protected will be moved to make way for better infrastructure, 875 new trees will be replanted. 

“€343,000 will be contributed towards ERA’s Environment Fund for the planting of more trees as a compensation to the uprooted trees,” ERA said. 

In Santa Lucija Street, nine nettle trees, eight Italian cypress, two almond trees will be uprooted.

The uprooting and transplanting of five Judas trees, three carob trees, and one ficus tree will also take place. 

“In addition, the permit included a ‘no-objection’to the uprooting of other trees that are not protected under S.L. 549.123(Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations),” a statment by ERA read. 

The permit issued requires that 150 trees are planted as compensation, coupled with a contribution of €60,000 to the ERA Environment Fund, which will be directed towards the planting of more trees. 

“These compensatory trees are to be planted within the first planting season, following issue of the pemit. Evidence of compensatory planting must be submitted to ERA within one month of planting,” the permit states.

The maintance of the planted trees is to be carried out by the permit holder for a period of three years from planting.

The permit issued for Buqana Road also covers interventions on trees, covering the transplantation of five Mediterranean dwarf fan palms, the heavy pruning and transplanting of one ficus tree, six bay laurels, one white mulberry tree, eight myrtles, 16 olive trees and nine African tamarisks. 

The uprooting of 39 Italian cypress, 11 Aleppo pines and 29 sandarac gum trees is also covered by the permit. 

“The permit included a ‘no-objection’to the uprooting of other trees that are not protected under S.L. 549.123,” ERA said. 

725 trees are to be planted as compensation. 

A contribution of €283,000 to ERA’s environment fund is also bound by the permit.

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