‘€30 vouchers an insult to coeliacs’ - PN

Nationalist Party calls on government to allocate more money to monthly vouchers handed out to coeliacs so as to properly reflect their monthly expenditure on gluten-free products

The Nationalist Party has hit out at the impending introduction of a Coleiac Products Voucher Scheme, through which coeliac people will be allotted a €30 monthly voucher redeemable against gluten-free products.   

“This scheme is an insult to coeliac people,” the PN said in a statement. “We support Coeliac Association Malta in their insistence that the voucher contains more than €30 so as to properly reflect these people’s monthly expenditure on specific products that are adapted to their conditions.

Shadow health minister Claudette Buttigieg recently met up with representatives from Coeliac Association Malta, an organisation that has criticised the government for not consulting them before introducing this scheme.

“A proper government that truly listens doesn’t just up and decide about such things without any consultation,” the PN said. “It is clear that this governmental decision is an insenstiive one that only reflect their thrift in the health sector.” 

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