Internal investigation launched into Danish man who tricked hospital security

Facebook community created last year urges Danish police to take action against fraudster

Parliamentary secretary for health Chris Fearne has ordered an internal investigation at Mater Dei Hospital to establish how a fraudster managed to bypass security and pose as a doctor to get his hands on women.

25-year-old Michael Camilo Precht was yesterday arraigned in court and handed a suspended sentence after tricking three women into fake medical examination.

The court heard how Precht bypassed security officers using a Danish tag that looked like the one used by doctors at Mater Dei.

“The Parliamentary Secretary for Health has asked Mater Dei Hospital to investigate the case,” a spokesperson for Chris Fearne told MaltaToday in reply to a set of questions.

Shadow health minister Claudette Buttigieg also called for tightening of security.

The court heard how he contacted three young Maltese models, telling them that he needed their services to set up a website for a company called Lifeguard Academy. He told the victims that a medical test was needed for insurance purposes, but that this wouldn’t be a problem as he was a doctor and could do it himself.

Using his Danish medical tag, he went to Mater Dei after 6pm, found an available room after passing through security, and conducted “medical tests” on them. The tests included an ECG, for which the women would have to expose their chest, and a breast examination.
He gave the girls a phony medical report on a stolen hospital form, advising them to “find a boyfriend who can give you a massage every day”. At this point, the girls realized that something was amiss and informed the police.

This was not the first time that Precht lured young women on the premise of finding a job.

A Facebook community page set up in February 2014 urged Danish authorities to act after several girls came forward accusing Precht of having conducted fake medical examinations.

Precht had already been found guilty of indecent exposure. According to the ‘Stop Michael Camilo Precht’ Facebook page, he had the habit of creating contact with women through the social media, posing himself as a sports doctor.

According to Danish website metro express, Precht was sentenced to three months in prison for 27 indecent exposure of young women and underage girls in August 2013.

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