Malta’s health care ranked second best in Europe

Independent survey-based study ranks Malta's health care second-best in Europe, behind France

Malta has the second best health care in Europe, according to recent surveys from independent research centre Numbeo.

France topped the rankings with 82.58 but Malta was a close second with 82.18. Denmark came in third at 79.28, while Ukraine (44.27) and Macedonia (35.12) were ranked second-last and last respectively.  

The study, published on the Business Insider website, ranked health care by analyzing data such as service efficiency, staff competence, costs and equipment.

“This confirmation encourages us and fills us with a sense of optimism that we’re walking on the right road with regards the health sector,” health parliamentary secretary Chris Fearne told Sunday newspaper Illum. “Such success would not have been possible without the continuous dedication displayed by all the health sector professionals who work relentlessly so as provide the people with the best possible health service.”