Blood donation by gay men: technical committee to study possibility

Government appoints technical committee to consider whether gay men should be allowed to donate blood

A technical committee has been appointed to study the possibility of allowing gay men to donate blood, junior health minister Chris Fearne has confirmed.

Visiting the Blood Donation Centre, Feare said the technical team would study the potential risks that existed and what mitigating measures could be put in place.

The LGBTIQ consultative council called on the government to overturn a ban which currently prohibits gay men from donating blood.

Fearne agreed that no one should be discriminated and the team will be tasked with carrying out a risk analysis assessment.

The government is also studying the option of allowing lesbian couples the possibility to sign up for IVF treatment.

The parliamentary secretary also urged more people to become blood donors, after the unit warned that the blood bank was running dry. The unit’s appeal over the past days was met with a positive response after around 350 donors – 80 of whom were first-time donors – donated blood.

Out of 20,000 registered donors, a yearly average of 17,000 donors give blood. 8,000 were regular donors.

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