Big Brother to hit Maltese screens in 2025

Big Brother is set to debut in Malta in 2025, marking its 70th international adaptation with Greatt Company Limited spearheading the local production

The logo of Big Brother Malta
The logo of Big Brother Malta

The renowned reality television franchise Big Brother is set to debut in Malta in 2025, marking the first time the show will feature on Maltese TV.

The locally produced version will become the 70th international adaptation of this global phenomenon.

Last week, social media was abuzz when a cryptic website featuring a black background, a blinking eye – an image synonymous with Big Brother – and the hashtag #HeisWatching was shared by several influencers.

The imagery and quote hark back to George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, from which the franchise draws its inspiration.

On Monday, Greatt Company Limited, in partnership with Banijay Rights and Public Broadcasting Services, officially announced the commission for Big Brother Malta.

Greatt, known for its work on local reality hits such as Malta’s Got Talent, X Factor Malta, Shark Tank Malta, and Master Chef, expressed their enthusiasm in a press release.

"Greatt is committed to bringing the best shows to Malta, and producing this latest version of Big Brother epitomises what we can do on the island," the company stated. "We’re scouting for individuals with unparalleled charisma, wit, and entertainment value from every slice of life."

Big Brother, a show where contestants, known as 'housemates', live together in a house isolated from the outside world, will continue its tradition of constant surveillance by live television cameras and microphones. The housemates will compete in various challenges, trying to avoid eviction by their peers, until only one remains to claim the grand cash prize of €50,000.

Currently, Greatt is on the lookout for potential housemates who can bring "something unique" to the Big Brother House. "Whether you’re the life of the party, a mastermind strategist, or someone with a heartwarming story to share, we want to hear from you," the organisation said. Applications are open online or via WhatsApp at +356 7920 2021.

Banijay Entertainment’s Big Brother boasts an impressive track record, with 68 adaptations, over 550 seasons, and 36,000 episodes aired. More than 8,500 housemates have entered the Big Brother house globally, resulting in over 6,400 live evictions and amassing a massive 90+ million social media followers.

The franchise remains one of Banijay’s top three formats, having launched in four new markets in 2023 alone, and now airs in 13 territories worldwide.