The £102,000 cheque: nightlife with no budget at Ryan Bish’s legendary London venues

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Ryan Bish
Ryan Bish

If you have no financial limitations, where are the best venues in London to wine, dine and have a good time? Without a budget, London is a world of opulence, style, and glamour. Let Ryan Bish take you by the hand and show you his empire

The bill that could buy a house at Cirque le Soir… 

With no budget in Mayfair, you can push the boundary of the unexpected, tantalise your taste buds with the weird, leave your normative self and home and delve into the unusual. Unlike any night out you’ve experienced before, the magical Cirque le Soir flirts with the weirdly wonderful and leaves you craving more. 

Source: Design My Night
Source: Design My Night

Cirque le Soir is decadence, mayhem, artistry, and opulence all rolled into one fantastic night. Spend an evening at Cirque le Soir and you’re guaranteed to brush shoulders with the who’s-who of London. Boasting A-lister sightings, including the likes of Tom Holland, Bella Hadid, and Jason Mamoa, this is a place you want to be and be seen. Only last week someone is rumoured to have settled a bill worth £102,000 at this club. 

If budget is no concern, enter through Cirque le Soir’s vibrant doors and experience something more like a dream than reality. This club offers a night out like no other. Here, your money can buy you snake charmers, ariel silk performers, acrobats, fire breathers, and celebrity DJ sets, all while socialising with the in-crowd. 

No budget, no guilt: Saving the planet while you party

If you’re entering the nightlife of London with money to spend and no budget in mind, look no further than Ryan Bish’s bar and club Wyld by Nature. Here, you can party the night away with no concern for the environmental impact of your actions. This venue aspires to be completely carbon neutral, aiming to offset all emissions. On top of this, every time you buy a bottle they plant a tree, so you can drink the night away while feeling the positive glow of doing good. 

Not only is this club minimising its environmental impact, but Wyld by Nature also offers a chic, classy, and glamorous destination for your night. Prepare to be wowed by its nature-inspired aesthetic, Ryan Bish brings the outside into his venue with beautiful swinging vines and snake-themed fixtures, the decor itself is something not to be missed. 

The stage with no edge: Dining with the stars of burlesque

Ryan Bish offers Michelin-starred dining alongside top burlesque performances at his venue The Windmill. Swirl a cocktail prepared by acclaimed mixologist Andy Mil while treating your tastebuds to chef Andrew Mcleish’s delicious menu and sit back to enjoy a cabaret performance rich with history. 

The Windmill continues its long tradition of cabaret and burlesque performances by drawing on its history as a world-renowned venue that pushed the boundaries of dance and performance in the 1930s. Inspired by Laura Henderson’s revolutionary choreography when she was theatre manager, a night out with no budget in London can buy you dinner with a seductive twist at The Windmill. 

Opulence and glamour, enjoy a sensuous night at The London Reign Showclub 

The last on our list of Ryan Bish’s legendary London nightclubs is The London Reign Showclub. This venue promises to take its guests on a journey of ‘indulgence and escapism’ that combines ‘performance theatre and aerial acts’. Unique, innovative, and imaginative, this showclub effortlessly brings together style, seduction, and glamour for a night like no other. 

With a limitless budget, you could attend The London Reign Showclub when some of the UK’s best DJs perform. Their portfolio includes the likes of Sean Paul, Tyga, Skepta, and Tiesto, so the potential of their future lineup is endless. 

This club is another destination to brush shoulders with the stars, as the venue is a popular celebrity spot. If you’re looking for an escape into a world of glamour and awe, look no further than The London Reign Showclub. 

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