Mizzi questions ‘excessive fees’ charged by low-cost carriers

Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi raises questions in the European Parliament on excessive fees charged by low-cost airlines.

Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi
Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi

Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi tabled a parliamentary question in the European Parliament on the excessive fees imposed by low-cost airlines. 

In her PQ, Mizzi asked whether the tariffs imposed in order for customers to benefit from service that they had already paid for goes against the spirit of European law.

"Low cost carriers have had a positive impact on our economy.  However, this fact does not give them the right to trample over the rights of their clients," Mizzi argued. 

"I believe that the penalties imposed  for the re-printing of a boarding pass are excessive and abusive, especially in view of the  fact that, in many cases, the fine to be paid is higher than the price of the ticket itself."

Passengers who fail to provide a printed boarding pass are faced with a re-issuance fine of €70. This occurs even though purchasing a ticket should automatically entitle you to a boarding pass to your seat.

Mizzi said all airline passengers had the same obligations irrespective of which airline they travel with.

"I do not see why low-cost airlines passengers should not also benefit from the same safeguards and rights.  These tariffs are excessive and abusive and therefore I am asking the European Commission to find a remedy in the shortest time possible."

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