Air Malta's love plane returns: romantic dinner at 14,000 feet

Stuck for a unique idea to impress your better half on Valentine’s Day? Air Malta is planning a pampering guaranteed to take your love to new heights.

The Air Malta Love Plane is back following last year's resounding success, offering couples a round trip over the Sicilian coastline and Mount Etna by night.

The flight includes a romantic dinner tailored to your tastes at an altitude of 14,000 feet, as well as club seating for maximum comfort - one couple per row.

Live music will serenade couples on board and guests will also be given a Love Bag that includes a gift from Classic Jewellers  and some other great surprises.

"Last year's event was an incredible success," said Air Malta's Chief Commercial Officer.  "The couples on board were really impressed with the unique treat they were given and the attention to detail shown by our crew to make Valentine's Day really special. We now want to make this an annual event so Air Malta can keep spreading the love."

Interested couples can book through our sales office at Malta International Airport or on 22999620.

The Air Malta Love Plane is supported by Malta International Airport, Classic Jewellers, SkyGourmet, Marsovin, Nescafe and Baci Perugina.

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How come there was no mention of the price? I don't think that this "Love Flight" is free and I don't think that everyday Joe or everyday Jane can afford such a flight. If one wants to impress his sweetheart all he or she has to do is say three little words and those words are "I Love You". A dozen roses would not hurt the cause either. But to all of you that can afford to book such a trip "Have a nice flight" and Happy Valentines Day. For those of us who cannot afford the "Love Flight" maybe we can book a Round the Island trip on Captain Morgan.
Joseph MELI
Will they be playing 'LOVE IS IN THE AIR?'and we now have Gozo Channel plying their 'Love Boat' for St Valentine's day .The only man who got it right in how to 'celebrate ' this day was ....AL CAPONE