Malta ranks first in prioritising travel and tourism

World Economic Forum ranks Malta best in the world in investing and promoting the travel and tourism sector but 106th in price competitiveness 

The Maltese government does the most to invest in and promote the travel and tourism, according to a World Economic Forum report.

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2015 benchmarked 141 economies across 90 indicators to find out which countries are making the best use of their travel and tourism industries to maximize economic development and competitiveness.

Malta is closely followed by Mauritius, Cyprus and Singapore in prioritizing travel and tourism, with Iceland, Spain, the Dominican Republic, the Seychelles, Estonia and Barbados completing the top 10.

However, Malta ranks abysmally at 106th in its price competitiveness, with Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Yemen and Gambia leading the pack here.

It also ranks poorly with regards its natural resources (115th), its cultural resources and business travel (90th), and its environmental sustainability (64th).

It is also ranked 40th in providing the best business environment, 25th in safety and security, 17th in health and hygiene, 60th in human resources and the labour market, 33rd in its ICT readiness, 40th in international openness, 37th in air transport infrastructure, 22nd in ground and port infrastructure, and 24th in tourist service infrastructure. 

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