Air Malta assists passengers whose flight was delayed

Air Malta passengers whose flight was delayed, receive assitance from airline

Air Malta passengers, scheduled to travel on KM 520/1 (Malta-Budapest-Malta), were today offered assistance including hotel accommodation and refreshments following delays experienced by their airline.

In its statement the airline added that delays were due to technical reasons which affected one of its aircraft.

Flights KM 520/1 were delayed for 12 hours and four other flights were affected with delays ranging from 35 minutes to 110 minutes.

The company added that affected passengers were offered various forms of assistance, including snacks, depending on the extent of the delay. It added that they would be given compensation in line with statutory requirements.

A spokesperson for the airline said that Air Malta gives utmost importance to the safety and well-being of its clients.

“In such situations the airline offers care and assistance which many times goes beyond its legal obligations and does its utmost to minimise inconveniences to its passengers,” he said.

He added that Air Malta is one of the best performing European airlines in terms of flight regularity.

“Unfortunately delays in the airline industry are quite common especially during the peak season,” he said adding that a quick browse at various websites of main European airports gives an indication of the delays being experienced on a typical day in August by passengers all around Europe.

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