Budget failed to address employment anomalies for port and transport workers, says UĦM

The union stated that employees are still not being paid double rate on Sundays due to Work Regulation Orders

The Port and Transport Section within UĦM - Voice of the Workers stated that the budget failed to address various anomalies in Malta's employment laws, which it said it had been flagging for years.

It stated that the issue of employees not being paid double rate on Sundays has not been tackled. “This is due to the fact that there are Work Regulation Orders which state that certain category of workers should not be paid double on Sundays but the standard rate,” said the union.

The measure which allows for contractor employees working within the public sector get double pay on Sundays is a step in the right direction, said the union, but added that this will only apply to a very small percentage of workers.

“Furthermore, this budget not only failed to take on board the UĦM’s proposal for a study into reducing the 40-hour week but did not address workers like those in public transport who have a 48-hour week.”

It said that these employees are working 416 more hours per year in comparison to the rest of the workforce and are only being paid at the standard rate.

Kenneth Abela, UĦM Senior Employment Relations Manager of this section, stated that “government has again ignored the situation of these workers who deserve to be treated like the rest of the workforce. It is pointless harping on the values of equality, equal opportunities and that all workers are subject to the same employment law while Government is not willing to take the initiative to update the laws to reflect such values.”