Almost €500,000 spent on budget media promotion, consultation meetings

The pre-budget consultation meetings and media promotion have cost taxpayers €438,804 as Opposition leader Bernard Grech accuses government of abusing public funds through useless propoganda

The Budget 2022 slogan: The Malta we want for our children
The Budget 2022 slogan: The Malta we want for our children

The budget consultation meetings organised in preparation for the 2022 Budget, as well as the media promotion, cost the tax payer €438,804 according to information tabled in parliament.

Finance Minister Clyde Caruana disclosed this information when replying to a parliamentary question by PN MP Karol Aquilina on Wednesday. The largest portion of the funds was spent on logistics for a total €206,067, while media buy and distribution costs amounted to €138,073. The design and printing bill was €94,663.

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said that apart from taking control of public broadcasting, the government is now abusing public funds, through propaganda. “We believe that public funds should be invested back into the community, through wage increases for teachers and front liners, or initiatives for youths, not on propaganda."

"These funds could and should have been used for the common good. It is shameful that €438,804 were spent on government propaganda,” Grech wrote in a Facebook post.