Communists - Budget 2013 only for the well-off

Communist party says working class to bear the brunt of budget's sustainability.

The Maltese communist party issued a statement dubbing Budget 2013 as being mainly aimed at facilitating 'the well-to-do' sectors of Maltese society, slamming the neoliberal bent of Tonio Fenech's budget.

"This neoliberal concept will widen the social gap between those who have and those who have not. 

"The tax and financial benefits announced from 35% to 25% favour only the well off in society to the detriment of all the other categories, such as pensioners, workers on low and middle income, single mothers and disabled persons," the party stated in a statement.

"Again the government failed to introduce sufficient measures to tackle the rise in poverty in Malta. On the other hand the Party praises the government's decision to continue to subsidise energy to prevent any increases in tariffs."

The CPM said it would be the working class to carry the burden for the budget's sustainability.