€23,650 in undeclared cash discovered by Peter the Sniffer Dog

Two passengers were discovered by the sniffer dog to be holding undeclared amounts of cash

Peter the Customs Sniffer Dog
Peter the Customs Sniffer Dog

Two passengers were discovered to be holding considerable amounts of undeclared cash after customs sniffer dog Peter intercepted the passengers.

Both passengers were en-route to Istanbul when the dog indicated that they were in possession of large quantities of cash.

When questioned by Customs officials over the amount of cash they were carrying, they claimed that they were carrying exactly €10,000 - but officials were not convinced.

Officials escorted them separately and carried out searches through their belongings, discovering €11,480 and €12,150 respectively with each passenger. 

The passengers signed an out-of-court settlement agreement, as per legislation, and were fined accordingly. 


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