Thumbprint links accused to Sliema double murder, court told

Jesper Kristiansen's thumbprint was found on the getaway vehicle in the murder of Christian Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski

Jesper Kristiansen’s thumbprint was found on the Volkswagen Tiguan used as a getaway vehicle in the murder of Christian Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski, a court has been told.

The two victims were shot dead at their home in Locker Street, Sliema on 18 August 2020, in what is believed to be a botched burglary.

This would appear to be the first physical forensic link between Kristiansen and the cold-blooded murder.

Daniel Muka from Albania and Viktor Dragomanski from North Macedonia also stand charged with the murder in separate proceedings. Kristiansen was extradited to Malta from Spain last November to face charges of murder, theft aggravated by violence, means, amount, place and time. He was additionally accused of carrying a firearm during the commission of a crime against the person, using stolen numberplates, using a stolen vehicle and stealing the numberplates.

On Friday morning, Magistrate Joe Mifsud heard a court-appointed fingerprint expert testify about a comparative analysis he had carried out between prints found by the police and the accused’s fingerprints.

It was not possible to compare all the prints, said the expert, but there were some which were found on the Volkswagen Tiguan which matched Kristiansen’s thumb, the court was told.

Also on Friday, a representative from Bolt taxi service testified that a Jesper Kristiansen had used their platform and had paid using a Mastercard in his name. In previous sittings, the court had been told that the hitmen had called a cab after dumping their getaway car near St. Luke’s hospital.

The court also appointed an expert to value a gold chain belonging to Pandolfino that had been stolen during the robbery.

The case continues on 11 May.

Lawyer George Camilleri is prosecuting together with Superintendent James Grech and Inspector Colin Sheldon. Lawyer Roberta Bonello is appearing parte civile for the families of the victims. 

Lawyers Stefano Filletti and Martina Cuschieri are defending Kristiansen.