New judge Ian Spiteri Bailey holds first sitting

In an inaugural sitting, Chamber of Advocates president Louis de Gabriele warned that a new bill regulating the legal line of work shows no clear plan or vision for the profession

Ian Spiteri Bailey (left) taking the oath of appointment in April 2021
Ian Spiteri Bailey (left) taking the oath of appointment in April 2021

Chamber of Advocates president Louis de Gabriele has warned that a new proposed law aimed at regulating the legal profession lacks coherence.

In a speech marking the inaugural sitting of judge Ian Spiteri Bailey this morning, de Gabriele said it was evident that there was no clear plan or vision for the regulation of the legal profession, pointing out that the bill proposes to amend and even deletes a number of provisions introduced by the government just weeks ago.

De Gabriele appealed for the bill to be suspended pending proper discussions between all the stakeholders.

The Chamber of Advocates will be holding an urgent meeting next week in which it will discuss the bill.

Newly appointed judge Ian Spiteri Bailey spoke about the decision to leave his long career as a lawyer to become a judge. Spiteri Bailey was one of four new judges appointed by the president in April.

Another four magistrates were elevated to the judiciary last month following a positive recommendation to the president by the judicial appointments committee.

Spiteri Bailey will be handling cases before the First Hall of the Civil Court (Commercial section) which handles commercial cases, as well as maritime, intellectual property and competition cases. He said he will also be presiding the First Hall (Constitutional) cases and act as duty judge as required.

He appealed for more respect and courtesy among the people who frequent the court building. This, he said, would go a long way towards improving the atmosphere within the court.